League Wizards' Guilds
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Recognizing the power and importance of arcane magic to both modern society and any military endeavor, the founders of the League made sure that the arcane spellcasters of the League were integrated into its power structure. However, they also were well aware that a unified group of arcane spellcasters would be so powerful that they could easily dominate the League, and made sure that this would not happen. For this reason, they didn't create one single League-wide wizard's guild, but several. Some of these guilds have different specialties or even monopolies (summoning magics, necromancy, divination, etc.), while others are dominant in specific city-states (usually of those cities which are members of the League Council. Each is chartered by the League as a whole, but their rights and privileges often overlap, leading to vicious in-fighting between the guilds for power. Every practicing caster of arcane magic who isn't member of another officially recognized organization (such as the military or secret police forces) must join one of these guilds to be able to legally cast spells within the League (though certain cities have negotiated specialized exemptions for their territory when they joined the League). These guilds are represented on the League Council, but as intended, they spend more time improving their own power and position ahead of their rival schools than increasing the power of wizards as a whole, or indeed unifying against everyone else.

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