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Population: 314,228

After the final defeat of Negroth the Doombringer, public opinion in many cities of the Flannish people turned against the ruling nobility, who had proven themselves to be unable to unify and defend their homes against the common threat. Often these nobles had to flee or else face death at the hands of an angry mob. This was the case in the city of Torburg, where the king and his entire family were killed in a single night - save for a young princess named Adrienne, who managed to escape thanks to several loyal servants.

Adrienne fled far and wide in search of a safe haven. Finally, she arrived in the town of Leconte, which at the time was a sleepy hamlet located on the coast of the Western Ocean, and only a large and crumbling castle hinted at past glories. With the aid of her entourage and several potent magic items she managed to bring along with her, she set up shop and created a new domain with hardly any opposition. Concluding that her father had been brought down by a lack of allies, she was determined to make as many new friends as possible - and remade Leconte Castle as a pleasure palace, where she entertained members of the patrician families of the Parginian Rim, exiled nobles from the Flannish Cities, and upper-class people from everywhere, with hordes of servants catering to a guest's every whim. In return, her guests showered her with gifts, shows of friendships, and even marriage proposals, and soon Adrienne was a powerful fixture of Parginian politics.

Today, her descendant Adrienne III rules over one of the most sinful cities in the Known Lands. To the wealthy visitor, there are few pleasures that aren't available. The hordes of servants, on the other hand, have to work long hours for small wages, until their youth and beauty fades and they are tossed out to the slums surrounding the city that survive on the trash of the wealth within. Adrienne III has political influence that extends far beyond the borders of her small domain, and it is rumored that she is currently scheming to retake the throne of Torburg - or that of other cities.

One noteworthy feature of Leconte are its many famous restaurants. These are long-running institutions with their own schools of trained chefs, and the competition between them is fierce. Any cook who has been trained in Lecomte can name his wages in most of the Known Lands, but only the best of the best prosper here. There are frequent competitions between the schools, some of which are sponsored by Adrienne herself, and they regularly draw an international audience and international competitors. Some even go so far to sabotage their rivals.

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