Letzte Strophe
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"Letzte Strophe" is a bar in Grubenach which famous for its music. The specialty of the musicians playing here tend to be soulful songs with themes of loss, mourning past days of glories which will never come back - thus perfectly fitting the mood of the city, and drawing large audiences.

A courtyard behind the bar features a small shrine to Hatramo, which features one of the stone pillars - more like a stone heap, in this case - common to the religion, and it is traditional that patrons of the bar who have fallen on hard times (which seems to include more and more of the regulars) add a small stone to it before they leave the bar to get some good luck (a bucket with small stones is located in front of the bar for this purpose). However, as the patrons are often quite drunk by the point they do this, triggering slides of stones which are believed to cause more bad luck. Other patrons leaving the bar at the same time usually visit the heap together, taking turns with placing the stones and cheering each other on - and occasionally taking bets.

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