Life Insurance
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It is a sad fact of life that sooner or later it will end. However, this end need not be final, if there is skilled ritual spellcaster available who can cast rituals capable of raising the dead. Many are troubled, however, by the fact that they cannot be certain that such spells will even be cast upon them. What if the relatives prefer the deceased to stay that way so that they can inherit his fortune? What if they are stranded in a remote locale where no one knows him and thus no effort is made to get him raised? Or what if effort is made to hide the fact that he died in the first place?

For these and other reason, the concept of life insurance was invented - a third party is paid a large sum to make sure that all reasonable attempts are being made to bring the deceased person back to life. The most respected and reliable, but also most expensive life insurance is that provided by the Gemeinschaftsbank. Other organizations provide cheaper services, but they are often limited in their resources to find their client (for example, they might only guarantee resurrection if their client stays within a single region, or even city in the more extreme cases).

The life insurance provided by the Gemeinschaftsbank comes in three different forms - Bronze, Silver, and Gold Insurance. A client receives a magical tattoo in the form of an ouroboros (a snake forming a circle and biting its own tail - a classical symbol for resurrection and the circle of life in general) in the appropriate color. This tattoo is usually placed at the back of the neck, but some customers insist on placing it on the wrist or even the brow as a status symbol. It is possible to remove a Bronze ouroboros by peeling off the skin or even hacking off the limb it is on, but the Silver and Gold tatoos will simply move to the largest remaining part of the body.

With Bronze insurance, the Gemeinschaftsbank will arrange for body to be raised if they become aware of the death soon enough. If the death is public knowledge and happens in a city with a Gemeinschaftsbank branch office, this is easily done. However, if this isn't the case it might be too late for the ritual to work. For this reason, the Gemeinschaftsbank is willing to pay a finder's fee to anyone who brings the body of a Bronze insurance holder to one of their office, if they can determine that the retriever didn't actually cause the death (the Gemeinschaftsbank is also willing to help with legal problems of the retriever - such as awkward questions by the authorities about where he found the body, what he was doing there, or why he was carrying a dead body through a city. The Gemeinschaftsbank is strongly motivated to make sure that a retriever doesn't regret his action).

With Silver insurance, the Gemeinschaftsbank will increase the "finder's fee", and upon the death of the client, the tattoo sends out a magical message to the Gemeinschaftsbank offices informing them of the incident and its location (though this effect can be prevented with appropriate magical countermeasures). The Gemeinschaftsbank then usually hires trustworthy agents to retrieve the body.

With Gold insurance, the tattoo also sends out a message upon the death of its owner, just like with Silver insurance. Furthermore, since the Gemeinschaftsbank is aware that this message can be foiled, they occasionally try to divine the status of the client (usually every two weeks or so) just to be sure he is still alive. They spare no expense to make sure that the body is retrieved as quickly as possible, even when doing so would be highly unprofitable for them. Having Gold insurance is the ultimate status symbol, and the intimate connection to the rich and powerful far outweighs any losses the Gemeinschaftsbank might suffer when retrieving the body.

Cost: Life insurance costs 1,000 gp for Bronze insurance, 10,000 gp for Silver insurance, and 100,000 gp for Gold insurance. If the client dies and then returns to life with the help of the insurance, he will have to pay for a new tattoo. Furthermore, the Gemeinschaftsbank charges annual fees of 100 gp for a Bronze, 1,000 gp for a Silver, and 10,000 gp for a Gold insurance, which need to be paid for starting one year after the creation of the tattoo.

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So, what do the PCs do if they slay a villain and then discover a silver or gold ouroboros on his body? Do they try to hide the deed - and risk angering one of the most powerful organizations in the world as they attempt to retrieve the body and raise it?


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