Lord Amrast
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Lord Amrast, to the surprise of many, is the War Leader of the Alliance Council despite being a paladin of Thenos - a faith that is still widely reviled throughout the Alliance because of past persecutions. It helps that he is a native of Calessio, and that he was never a formal member of the church hierarchy of Thenares (he received his training as a paladin in Ombuso in Malundi instead - which was only one of many places he visited in his youth). But his incredible charisma helps even more - he tends to speak bluntly, but with such a force of personality behind it that others feel ashamed when they disagree with him.

His long years of experience have given him an amount of wisdom which is surprising to those who expect all paladins to be crusading zealots. He knows of the many forms of evil that exist in the world - including more than a few in the Alliance itself - but surprisingly he has not become a cynic. Ultimately, he has a strong faith in humanity and is firmly convinced that while some days may be dark, ultimately humans and all goodly races will triumph over all adversity as long as they are committed to making the effort. He does not proselytize the faith of Thenos - which would be problematic for someone with his position anyway - because he believes that living as an example of how a follower of Thenos should act is worth more than thousands of words of theological debate. He may well be right.

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I was getting a bit tired of the frequent portrayal of paladins as self-righteous jerks, so I wanted to create a paladin in a position of real authority who is actually sympathetic. Lord Amrast is not self-righteous, and also neither naive nor stupid. How long his ideals will remain intact during the course of the coming war remains to be seen.


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