Lost Holds
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Once, the Norfjell Wastes were home to numerous dwarven strongholds, and though they were never as large as those of mighty Gol Grungor, they nonetheless constituted a major dwarven nation. All this changed with the coming of Negroth the Doombringer who laid siege to them and brought them low one by one, only failing to destroy the southernmost Gorok-kar. The abandoned ruins of these dwarfholds are collectively known as the Lost Holds, and many secrets and treasures are still buried within them.

Currently, Gorok-kar is leading efforts to liberate and resettle them, in the hopes of establishing a new dwarf kingdom in the region under its own leadership. Mercenaries can always find good pay in helping the dwarfs cleansing the abandoned tunnels of the monsters which have now made their homes there.

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