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Lumpen are the great unwashed masses of the urban poor. They rarely have a steady source of income, and may be exiled from the city-state with little provocation. They have few rights, and tend to live in the worst slum areas where the drain from the nexus towers can be acutely felt day and night. Still, they may not be arbitrarily deprived of life or property, and killing or assaulting them does count as a crime.

The struggle for survival is on the forefront of the minds of most Lumpen, and they rarely have the luxury to plan for longer times than today. What use is a possible payoff weeks down the road when it means forfeiting food, shelter, and protection from the numerous urban predators (human or otherwise) today? A very few manage to rise to the status of Residents through hard work and good luck, but most Lumpen die young without ever realizing their dreams. The "easiest" way of attaining some level of power and wealth is through crime, though most are still stuck with working as beggars, pick-pockets, burglars, and prostitutes while the true money goes to the bosses of gangs and other criminal organizations. Still, there are enough tales of criminals who either retire wealthy after a spectacular coup or become crime lords and gain access to the halls of power in a city to inspire others to follow in their footpaths. And sometimes, these tales turn out to be true. And these chances, while low, are better than the misery that is guaranteed to those who are poor and honest…

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