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"Magic" is a catch-all term for supernatural powers. The following types are known to exist:

Furthermore, there are a number of magic-related concepts which are important to know:

Adventure Ideas

Designer's Notes & Resources

Magic is what drives the "magical industrial revolution" of Urbis. Thus, the way it is used has definite implications for the economy and society of the setting. If you think I have overlooked something or spotted an inconsistency, please contact me and tell me about it.

Apart from that, the primary goal of this section is to provide you with ideas and hooks for character backgrounds for spellcasters - and how to make Urbis work with pretty much any fantasy RPG out there. When it comes right down to it, you only need two "types" of magic in your RPG system of choice to make it work with Urbis:

  • Quick and dirty "combat spellcasting" which can buff you and your allies, smite your enemies, and so forth. Use that for Arcane Magic.
  • Long and involved "ritual spellcasting" which cannot be used in combat but which can produce spectacular and lasting or even permanent effects, such as creating magic items, and which requires expensive material components to work. Use that for Ritual Magic.

It should be possible to approximate all other types of magic by reskinning the system you are using for Arcane Magic - for instance, arcane recitations become prayers for Divine Magic, but the underlying spell effect remains the same. Perhaps you can give some minor bonuses and penalties for each type of magic to distinguish them from each other, but be careful that they balance each other out.

And if your system of choice already includes such different styles, so much the better. Also don't be afraid to add in new styles that aren't described here but exist within your RPG - the world is vast and Urbis operates under a "kitchen sink" approach anyway, so who is to say that there isn't some obscure magical tradition practiced in a remote corner of the Known Lands? Just don't let it overshadow Arcane Magic and Divine Magic, and you are good to go.


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