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Magreth used to be a powerful and wealthy hobgoblin city-state until the year 1365 NA, when the entire city vanished into a perfect sphere (underground expeditions have shown that it extends below the surface as well) of swirling gray colors - and a diameter of more than 40 miles. Nobody knows what happened back then, though the most common theories involve a huge magical accident involving the city's nexus towers. Nobody knows what happened to the city and its inhabitants, either - or if they do know, they aren't talking. There are no reports of anyone successfully entering or leaving the sphere. The High War Council are unsure in how to deal with this phenomenon, and have ordered to patrol the borders of the sphere until they can come up with a better idea.

Adventure Ideas

Designer's Notes & Resources

Inspired by "Tokio Jupiter" from the anime RahXephon. What is actually contained in the sphere is up to you - though it probably doesn't involve any giant golems…


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