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Originally an underground, secretive clan that other hobgoblins refused to recognize, the development of the nexus towers has caused Clan Mak to rise to an important place in Dominionite society. As a small clan with a large number of powerful arcane magic user among its serfs, however, the other Hobgoblin clans are still inherently distrustful of Clan Mak. The very reason that the clan is allowed on the High War Councilis to insure that they are constantly under supervision by the other clans. Clan Mak is unique in that arcane magic users are not treated as property of the clan, but they are even more strict than other clans in their membership. One could never buy their way in to Clan Mak, and one must usually defeat a mid rank Clan Mak spellcaster in a duel even to be considered. Although they are arcane magic users, Clan Mak members are still hobgoblins and are too respectful of the more martial clans to attempt to attack them or usurp their power. Many of the elders in Clan Mak even view arcane magic as a necessary burden that they must bear for the good of all The Dominion.

Clan Mak's insignia is a red starburst pattern.

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