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The city of Malmessis is a thing of legend. Once a thriving city of the Atalan Empire, the people here did something to offend the gods. Some stories state that the people merely neglected to give Kortus his due, while other stories hint at a hubris so vile that it offended every deity in existence. Regardless of the sin, all the legends state that the city would be cursed with a barren landscape, unable to grow plants usable for food. Several attempts have been made, magical and mundane, to repair the damage and re-inhabit the city, but all have failed. The city walls and buildings are falling into disrepair and the nexus tower was scavenged for parts ages ago.

Many monsters live off of the decay of the city, but a few humanoids live here as well despite the danger, mostly in an attempt to avoid the law or for sheer want of privacy. Anyone who does live here, however, is likely to have the strength to stand up to the ruin's monstrous inhabitants.

Adventure Ideas

  • A wanted criminal has escaped Praxus, or one of the nearby towns. Reports point that this criminal has escaped toward Malmessis, in search of allies. A bounty has been placed on this criminal's head and the players are out to collect it.

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