Maquat Dawlhûg
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The Maquat Dawlhûg is a secret society dedicated to bringing Narevoreen to greater prominence in the world - with eventual world dominance as the goal. Its secretive inner circle, the Maquat, plays the more public Erquar and Naurimar factions against each other - the former by encouraging learning or plundering all outside knowledge they can gather for the nation, and the latter by firmly encouraging thoughts of elvish supremacy. While the society does have a public front which professes more limited goals, rising in the ranks demands both fierce loyalty to the society and extraordinary talent. Only the best and most fanatic will even be considered for invitation to the Maquat itself.

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Designer's Notes & Resources

Continuing with the parallels to the Japanese Meji Restoration, the Maquat Dawlhûg is based on the Black Dragon Society.


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