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The Dream-Giver, She Who Is Bliss, Our Lady of Dreams

Mara holds sway over both the dreams and nightmares that all humans have to face every time they go to sleep. Many people plagued by nightmares or insomnia direct prayers to her in the hopes of peaceful, untroubled sleep. Many of her most ardent followers, including much of her clergy, use a variety of drugs to reach a state of dreaming even in the Waking World. As a result, her faith does not have much in the way of an organization, and even less political influence.

The Plane of Dreams she calls her own is home to a large number of ever-shifting dreamscapes. Her followers claim (though there is no way to prove it) that all dreams of thinking beings take place there. Mara allows free access to all beings to her home, but does nothing to protect them from the dangers of the dreamscapes.

The commandments of Mara are:

  • The waking world is just as much as an illusion as the world of dreams. Master the world of dreams, and mastering the waking world will not be difficult.
  • Seek out new experiences of all kinds so that you can shape your dreams in new ways.
  • Break others out of the gray tedium of their daily lives, and expand their minds to new horizons.

Her symbol is a surreal landscape wrapped inside a sphere.

See Also

  • Agtura - a northern city sacred to Mara
  • Dreaming Circle - a society of Mara worshipers who have now found that some of their dreams are far realer than they thought…

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