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Population: 261,227

Facing the eastern shore of the Great Lake, Maraduk is a city that most dwarves pretend doesn't exist, for its inhabitants farm the fertile surface of the mountain slopes. It is an inconvenient fact that Gol Grungor cannot feed its population with its subterranean fungus farms alone, and thus dwarves of the lowest status are made to grow and harvest crops in the bright daylight. Tree farms that provide the mines with timber fill those areas not covered by farms. Since few other dwarves like to be reminded of being reliant on the surface in any way, they avoid mentioning both the inhabitants of this community and even the very name of the city if at all possible and keep it isolated from both the rest of the kingdom and the rest of the world.

Needless to say, the dwarves of Maraduk do not appreciate this treatment at the hand of other dwarves, and all too often a group of young dwarves build a boat in secret and set across the Great Lake in the hope of reaching the western shore and human civilization. Many don't make it, but rumors persist of the wealth and freedom that awaits hard-working dwarves amidst the humans.

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The concept of dwarven "boat people" was just too interesting to resist.


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