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Like Gelberth, Marvensgate has a reputation for crime - but unlike in Gelberth, it tends to be exiting and fashionable crime which sells newspaper rather than the depressing varieties that polite society prefers to ignore and only interests Secondary revolutionaries. Organized crime revolves around gambling and prostitution, and relatively high-class varieties at that. But also mercenaries, smugglers, and soldiers-of-fortune make this borough their home, including many so-called adventurers. While the papers decry the villains living there (but secretly are grateful for the extra copies they sell because of their exploits), the rich and powerful have prevented the City Guard from cleaning up this borough thoroughly, since they often seek to attain the services of these people if they have a pressing problem that needs to be addressed quietly.

Still, far from every inhabitant of this area is a crook - there are many people who make a honest living here in a variety of businesses, though they usually know better than to ask just where the money of their customers is coming from.

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