Matthias Rauch
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Matthias Rauch is a great believer in the power of herbs. And trees. And any other kind of plant. According to him, there is no illness of the human body that the right dose of plant supplements cannot cure, and his catalog - which he prints quarterly and sends out to thousands of believers in all the Flannish Cities - has a vast numbers of those. Some of them are are ingested, others worn on the skin, and others still - like the "oak extract" which he swears will grant the "life expectancy of oaks" if taken frequently enough - are injected. Some of them may even have effects beyond separating the customers from their money.

Rauch spends much of his time in the city in his swank apartment or his emporium in Parkhausen - at the latter he frequently holds presentations for his latest products before he repeats the same presentations in other cities. His products are mostly created on various farms in Oberweiler. However, his quality control measures - which were never very good in the first place - have begun to slip, and it's only a matter of time before something contaminates his fields, and potentially affects thousands of people.

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