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Population: 843,678

The kingdom of Medewe was founded by one of the greatest heroes in the war against the elvish oppressors, and it remains the largest, wealthiest, and most powerful of the realms of the Verdant Coast, with many lesser tribes paying it tribute. The succession of the kingdom traditionally passes through the oldest son, but the last king only had daughters, and thus he raised his oldest daughter Shera in the arts of ruling and warfare as well as any man. When she ascended to the throne shortly after reaching adulthood when her father died, many courtiers had hopes of marrying her off to an easily-controllable male and thus ruling the nation behind the throne. However, her hopes were thwarted when she ruthlessly dealt with anyone plotting against her soon after and made it clear that she, and only she, would decide whom she would marry.

Now, seven years later, she remains unmarried and firmly in control of her kingdom. Her people love her, as she has proven a wise and just ruler. However, her court lives in terror of her, as she has a wicked sense of humor and is infamous for her cutting remarks and ironic punishments for those who annoy her. The truth is, she is bored. While she is genuinely dedicated to the welfare of her kingdom and her people, the kingdom now runs well enough that running it no longer challenges her extraordinary intellect. It is for the same reason she remains unmarried, despite her awareness that she needs to produce an heir at some point - most of her would-be suitors bored her to tears, and she has refined criticizing their many failures in public to an art form. At one point she had hopes that the appearances of the outlanders of Alassia would provide a suitable challenge for her intellect, but she found most of their negotiators entirely predictable and solely occupied with profit.

In the meantime, her courtiers pray that Queen Shera will soon find something to occupy her attention before she drives them all mad.

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Picture Queen Shera as a mixture of the Queen of Sheba and Admiral Spoor from the anime series "Crest of the Stars".


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