Metamorfose Vereniging
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The Metamorfose Vereniging is a club consisting of people interested in changing their shape for various reasons, either temporarily or permanently, ranging from curiosity and the desire to experience something new to being deeply unhappy with the form they were born with. The means they use towards that end vary widely, including alchemical potions, ritual magic, surgery, and (if rumors are believed) research into cursed artifacts and rare magical diseases such as lycanthropy. The club has several long-running cliques, including thrillseekers who only want to change their shape for short time periods to gain new experiences such as different senses and capabilities (being able to fly is one of the more popular uses), as well as several distinct groups which differ on what forms they want to change into, such as a different race (usually elves, for some reason), animals, or a different gender. As the mechanisms for such changes often aren't cheap, richer club members often help the poorer members out with loans of money, job offers, or other ways of gaining the necessary funds.

A further, unstated purpose of the club is that it also serves as a mutual protection society. Even in liberal Rondhaven, the club is seen as highly scandalous by many, and lurid rumors of male members transforming into women and seducing other men are circulated widely in some newspapers out of all proportion to actual events. The Metamorfose Vereniging has weathered all legal attacks from self-described "moral guardians" as the courts of the city have consistently upheld their right to exist, but this has done nothing to stop illegal actions taken against them. Self-admitted or even rumored club members have been assaulted in the past, and there have been at least three arson attempts against the clubhouse.

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Apart from its other uses, this club is also meant to echo the struggle of Transsexuals in our world to some degree. Keep in mind that such a club can only openly operate in Rondhaven, which is the most liberal of the Flannish Cities - it is unlikely that any city-state would allow such a club to operate in their territory legally.


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