Meyah Tebreyd
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Population: 321,422

Located in a cavern system stretching from the desert surface all the way to Terra Profunda, the city of Meyah Tebreyd is one of the wonders of the Known Lands. Several central shafts ensure air circulation and provide a certain amount of reflected sunlight, thanks to a local form of fast-growing crystals placed at strategic locations - and at more distant locations, enchanted crystals provide magical illumination instead. A central waterfall emerging from an underground river provides ready access to water and irrigation even in the dry season, allowing underground farms that rival any but the largest surface oases. Even more importantly from the point of view of visitors is the cool temperature which remains constant even in the hottest months of the year - and in these months, many of the richest people of the Gawaris Desert come here to escape their own scorching homes. As a result, the city has become a resort of sorts - and while the rich and powerful of these lands wish to maintain this refuge and thus do not escalate their conflicts into violence here, the plotting and scheming against their enemies will still get very intense.

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