Mine Shaft 23
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The Siebenbund maintains numerous shelters and secret storages of supplies in the old mine shafts (as well as newer excavations) riddling the Siebenbund Alps. These are seen as vital for national defense in case of invasion - an effort dating back to the war against Negroth the Doombringer, when many citizens used them as shelters and hideouts from where they could harass his forces. Since then, the system has been expanded significantly, and nobody outside the innermost circles of the Siebenbund government is sure just how far this system extends.

However, conspiracy theories are rife - and the most frequent of these theories center on the alleged "Mine Shaft 23" shelter which does not house supplies of the conventional kind, but artifacts which are too dangerous to store elsewhere. It is said that this was built in cooperation with the Gemeinschaftsbank, who required a safe storage location for its own darkest secrets.

Rumored items stored there:

  • A man who overdosed on truth serums and is now constantly telling terrible truths about the universe which will drive any listener mad.
  • Tiny golems capable of rapidly disassembling matter and using it to build more of their kind.
  • Undead body parts of Negroth the Doombringer, which will give someone vast power who is willing to use them as prosthetics.
  • Several crystal skulls.
  • The complete set of musical sheets of "The Transformation" (see the Valley of the Sound).

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