Monument Park Gardens
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Monument Park Gardens is another popular destination for tourists, lovers, and families and includes not only large grassy areas for games and events, but statues, fountains, and even magical monuments that celebrate those who have worked to make Praxus what it is today.

One controversial monument draws visitors from as far as the Hobgoblin Dominions: The Bear. The Bear is a tan and black granite carving of an injured bear standing 20 feet tall. Arrows pierce its sides and numerous wounds gape open, bleeding magically onto the granite. Nevertheless, it appears to roar ferociously with its clawed paws outspread. This monument is dedicated to the hobgoblin mercenary unit who died during the original attack on Praxus by Negroth the Doombringer. Some residents claim that The Bear is a joke, since the Hobgoblin mercenaries had been paid to defend the city. Others, however, insist that the monument is a testament to the brave hobgoblin troops who stood their ground while other mercenaries retreated.

The landscaping here is tended by Garden Manager, Darius Persi, who was hired recently out of Grüngarten, and he ensures that every plant is in its place and blossoming beautifully. In an interesting contrast from other parts of the city, Darius allows the homeless to sleep on some of the benches in the park during the evening in exchange for small amounts of labor. They are observed regularly by one of the Gardens staff, both for their safety and the safety of the Park. Because of this policy, there is always a line of homeless looking for work outside of Darius' office early in the morning.

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