Mountain Kings
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The Mountain Kings are a group of seven powerful Fair Folk lords who dwell within various tall mountains within the Siebenbund Alps. The precise nature of their relationships with each other is uncertain - at times they seem to be allies, at others enemies. Many of them have pawns among the mortal races which they use to conduct their affairs in the wider world, and each of them has a seat reserved for them in the Siebenbund Rat. These seats are rarely used, but when they do send an ambassador to the Siebenbund government to make some sort of proclamation, the other members of the Rat listen very carefully.

Most of the Mountain Kings are willing to entertain polite visitors, as long as they are elves, sidhe, gnomes, or halflings. Humans may be tolerated - or not. Many of them seem to have a dislike for dwarves, which may be related to the events of Gulrathur - or the fact that the dwarves are the biggest producers of cold iron weapons - though this will usually manifest itself as snubs rather than outright attacks.

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