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Population: 476,227

This city, renowned for its high-quality wine, has been ruled by a long line of monarchs for centuries. Or at least, that's the official story - for only the city's nobles and a small number of dedicated servants are allowed to actually see the monarch. The peasantry only sees the king shortly after his coronation, when he is paraded through the streets of the city - and even then he his hidden behind several layers of clothes and veils. After this ceremony, he is spirited away behind the palace walls and never seen again by the common people.

Naturally, there is considerable speculation about who - or what - the "Veiled King'", as he is commonly known, really is. Some claim that the royal line died out centuries ago, and that the person paraded through the streets is actually a low-ranking servant who plays the part. Others claim that a horrible disfigurement runs through the royal family, which it wishes to conceal. Others still whisper that the monarchs are not, in fact, humans at all, but some terrible monsters.

Ultimately, though, the citizens of Murab don't seem to care about who really rules them, as long as they are ruled competently and are mostly left to their own devices.

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