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Population: 837,653

Annurax, the ruler of this city-state, is unusual for his hands-off style of managing her city. She doesn't make any decrees. She doesn't punish lawbreakers. She doesn't even collect any taxes. For the most part, she only looks after maintaining the enchantments that allow the city to survive in the desert. She leaves the actual governing to a council of mortals (who need not even be citizens of the city) with twelve members, only reserving a tie-breaking vote for herself.

These councilors serve for six years and create new laws, collect taxes, and otherwise keep the city running as they see fit. But they are not appointed by Annurax - instead, their seats are auctioned off to the highest bidder after their term is over, and the money gained from the auctions is her sole income. Two auctions take place each year, at the summer and winter solstices, and they are always cause for great celebrations (as the new councilors usually feel compelled to celebrate their new positions - someone who doesn't throw any festivities is regarded as cheap and will loose both face and political influence he will need on the council).

The relatively large number of councilors makes it hard to plunder the city coffers, and thus most councilors prefer to work out complicated deals and policies that benefit their merchant houses in the long run - and not coincidentally, these often work for the benefit of the city as a whole. As a result, Nabi has become one of the largest trading centers in the region.

There is no restriction on who may participate in the auctions other than that they must not be dragons, surathi or extraplanar entities, and thus a number of foreigners have become councilors from time to time. During the last auction, a rich merchant from the League of Armach with many political ties to that nation's rulers has become a councilor, which has become a cause of some alarm for many people, but Annurax seems undisturbed.

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