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Neither the largest clan, nor the most famous for its military training and discipline, Clan Nagrab has nevertheless risen to a position of prominence by outsmarting their competition. While other clans stuck to outdated tactics and old ways of behavior, the members of Nagrab never saw an opportunity that they didn't grasp. While this sometimes led to spectacular failures, it proved to be rewarding more often than not.

Not surprisingly, the clan elders of Nagrab were the first to spot the possibilities inherent in the modern railway system, and while the other clans were still contemplating whether this human invention could prove useful to the Dominions or not, Nagrab already started to build the first link of the Northern Network, and today controls all railway traffic in the Dominions and the Land of the Dead. This has brought them a large amount of profit - and the envy of the other clans, who now contemplate whether to take it away from Nagrab "for the good of the Dominion"…

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