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Population: 13,423

The only city in Narevoreen open to humans until very recently, and still the only port open to human ships, this port serves as a popular way station for ships wishing to travel across the Western Ocean. While supplies here are quite expensive, they also tend to be of the highest quality. The Foreigner's Quarter, the part of town where humans are allowed to stay indefinitely (as opposed to the three-month limit for the rest of the nation), is rather small, and thus very cramped compared to the the rest of the city. However, it is very lively - elven merchants and craftsmen trying to sell their wares for the highest bidder, rowdy sailors enjoying their last chance for drunken revelry before heading out to the sea, and young and curious elves asking travelers about the wider world are common sights here. Since the elves don't recognize the laws of other nations, Navar has also become a refugee for criminals from all over the Known Lands - as long as they have not harmed any elves, and as long as they don't disturb the peace in Navar, the elves do not mind their presence.

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