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Population: 375,221

This city is ruled by several large clans of efreet, who were bound to this place in the Material Plane long ago by ancient wizards. Despite their magics, they were unable to break these wards, and thus decided to make the best out of their situation by creating a large city they could rule over. While they cannot leave the walls of the city, within they rule absolutely over hundreds of thousands of humans and members of other races - most of them slaves.

Despite the city's dire reputation, it does welcome visitors and traders to some extent, for the genies have long ago realized that the best way to attain new slaves is to trade with human slave traders. Still, visitors are advised to be careful, for the genies still resent their entrapment to this place, and they love nothing more to entrap others here as well by making them agree to ill-considered deals that make turn them into slaves should they fail to uphold their end of the deal.

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