Negroth the Doombringer
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Negroth the Doombringer was a powerful and evil mage and warlord who arose in the Norfjell Wastes and conquered them and many surrounding regions - including the Flannish Cities. His hordes of orcs, barbarian tribes, and undead caused massive devastation which in some places are evident even today, and his fortunately brief reign of terror is prominent in the history of all cities he conquered.

He was finally defeated in 1176 NA at the Battle of the Hollerpass in the Siebenbund.

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Negroth the Doombringer was very much a blatant and stereotypical Evil Overlord. His place in history mostly serves as a reminder that the time for such classical Dark Lord types is over, and the revolutions that occurred after his defeat serve as an end point to the Feudal Ages - and with them, the traditional pseudo-medieval setup of many other fantasy settings.


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