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In some ways, it's hard to argue that the nephilim even constitute a distinct race. They are born to human parents, look like humans, and grow up and age like humans. However, what distinguishes them from ordinary humans is that after they die, their souls do not pass on to the realms of the gods or appear on the Road to Nowhere. Instead, they are reborn again to human parents, and apparently have done so for millenniums. Starting in early childhood, they begin to have flashes of their past lives, which become more vivid as they get older. The further back the memory, the more blurred it is (although especially noteworthy events tend to be clearer), which means that even though their knowledge of the past is great, it tends to be incomplete and skewed. Most adult nephilim have trained themselves to search their memories deliberately, which gives them some control over their visions, but even then many of their insights come as hunches, flashes of "deja vu", and other instinctual responses. Thanks to their memories of past lives, nephilim can quickly "relearn" skills they have mastered in previous lives, and many are highly capable in the fields of magic or the fighting arts. Furthermore, they are always able to recognize one of their own on sight thanks to the overwhelming feeling of familiarity they experience, which has helped maintain a distinct nephilim culture of sorts over the centuries.

The nephilim have never been numerous, and are largely regarded as a myth even by the people who have heard of them. And in the current age, their numbers seem to be growing smaller still - though it is difficult for obvious reasons to establish an exact census of the nephilim population, many of them believe that someone is hunting them. Speculations range from Cryelis cultists to a renegade among them who has learned of a way to extract the memories and powers of a nephilim and add them to his own…

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My homage to the Highlander movie as well as the devas of D&D 4E.


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