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Population: 153,216

A border town facing the Gawaris Desert, Nesef has prospered on the trade between the craftsmen of Gol Algor and the far-ranging merchant caravans of the desert nomads. The city always had an open and friendly atmosphere, and was always accepting of even the strangest behaviors. Numerous expatriates from many lands have found the town's atmosphere to their liking and settled here.

However, a recent event has shaken the town. A lone traveler from the Gawaris Desert suddenly started casting a barrage of offensive spells into the main market, killing more than 200 people before he could be killed in turn. A search of his room in the inn he had stayed in unearthed a letter claiming his attack was a protest for the many weapons and other support the League of Armach channeled to the Secularists of the Gawaris Desert through Nesef - and many of these weapons, while paid for by the League, had been built by Gol Algor.

Now tolerance has given way to a sense of suspicion of humans, foreigners, and especially those hailing from the Gawaris Desert. Trade has already begun to suffer, and those who remain are wondering what the future of the city will be…

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