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Population: 633,217

Where the Gawaris River flows out of the Lake of Dreams, a fertile river valley sits in the middle of the scorching desert. Here civilization thrives in the shadows of gigantic pyramids, relics of a long gone empire.

But not quite as gone as many people had thought, for fifty years ago, grave robbers disturbed the grave of the ancient mummy Amenenu. After slaying the intruders, he ascended to the surface world and was incensed to find that the old ways had been forgotten, and after raising many of his fellow mummies from their uneasy sleep, as well as a host of lesser undead, he set out to recreate the ancient kingdom of his memories, with him at the top.

He succeeded, after a fashion. The city of Nesep, formerly a sleepy trading town, was conquered and parts of it magically transformed to resemble the buildings of old. Those who pledged their loyalty to Amenenu have been rewarded and installed as the new nobility and priesthood of the realm. Others have been enslaved, and Amenenu has sent many raiders to the surrounding countryside to acquire more. Merchants are guaranteed safe passage, however, and many have taken the opportunity to trade their goods for ancient magical secrets that are now abundant here.

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Based on Ancient Egypt, now returned to unlife.


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