New Carsus
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New Carsus is a fairly faithful replica of parts of an old Atalan town - to be specific, that of Carsus in the Eternal Storm region. Populated with the revived Atalans Professor Stanley Newmark was able to rescue from the dig, it now serves as a living museum of the old Atalan Empire - complete with genuine Atalans.

Many of the Atalans have not adjusted well to their new environment - their nation, their whole way of life, and many of their friends and family are simply gone, and they have to cope with a totally alien environment (though at least Common proved easy enough to learn). Still, many Atalans stick with recreating their old ways of life - it is what they know, it earns them money in a world where few of their trained skills are valued, and it might just give them more funds to rescue and revive more of their fellow Atalans from the Carsus Dig before the site is picked clean. They hope that the World Magic Exhibition - which takes place very close to New Carsus - will give them much higher revenues, and perhaps some wealthy sponsors who take pity with their plight.

However, among the revived Atalans a few cultists of Cryelis are hiding out and who have had some success in converting more to their cause. They have made contact with other cultists in Dartmouth, and are now leading the local cult activities.

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