New Hyra
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Population: 1,452

61 years ago, a ship full of colonists from Dartmouth was wrecked within the Rampart Islands. By freak chance, only women survived the disaster and manage to reach a nearby island. The 52 survivors, now called the "Founding Mothers", tried to survive as well as they could, a task assisted by the fact that many of the tools and supplies from the ship were stranded on the island's beaches. However, after the first year some of the women began to spontaneously become pregnant without any evident sire, which was taken as a divine miracle by the survivors. Thus, it appeared that the colony would be able to survive in the long run even if it wasn't rediscovered. However, the leaders of the colony were largely happy with the fact that no men lived on the island, as several of them had been treated badly by their former husbands. Thus, the boys among the children were exiled to a peninsula starting at the age of five, with the only contact being when the women gave them occasional food supplies, and the island was named New Hyra in honor of the original city of Hyra which is inhabited by women only.

When the island was rediscovered by explorers, the leaders maintained their anti-male stance, and male traders and their crews were only allowed to step on the beach for negotiations (and later, newly-built docks). Some women left with them because they did not want to remain separated from their male children, while the other boys were given up for adoption (as the other colonies in the region could always use new children). But the island also attracted a large number of female settlers (including some from Hyra itself) and other supporters who found the idea of a society free of men appealing. One of the supporters and a frequent visitor is the pirate Alande of Narevoreen, who isn't as opposed to men but who is glad to have a support base in the Rampart Islands - she uses the island as a hideout and supply depot, and is something of a role model for some of the girls on the island, several of which have joined her crew.

One noteworthy trait common to the children born on the island (male or female) is their seemingly innate talent for magic, and many of them have become accomplished sorcerers. This has enabled the inhabitants of Hyra to fend off would-be conquerors (of which there have been several) who believed that an island inhabited only by women would be easy pickings.

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