Nimdenthal Castle
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Nimdenthal Castle was the abode of the old barons of Nimdenthal, and one of the most impressive fortifications in the entire region. Successively expanded over the centuries, at one point it had an elaborate system of locks which only allowed a group of approximately five people to get into the castle at one time - the inner gateway was constructed in a way that it only opened when the outer gateway had closed, and vice versa.

However, when Negroth the Doombringer took the city, he regarded this mechanism as a nuisance to the efficient movement of troops and material to and from the fortress, and consequently magically blasted a large hole into the outer wall. His point was sufficiently made that even after he was defeated the new hole remained as the gateway into the castle, and while the old gate remains in plac, it is only used by tourists these days.

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