Nimdenthal Hauptbahnhof
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The Main Rail Station of Nimdenthal is an impressive steel and glass construction which has clearly seen better days - now it is dirty and somewhat run-down. As a deliberate insult to travelers from other cities they have to wait in a single long line to get their papers checked before they can enter the city proper, whereas the local citizens can go through a larger number of fast-moving lines. As a further insult to visitors, the officials in their line are all goblins in impressive-looking uniforms who clearly delight in making the process as slow-moving as possible. Seasoned travelers will know to bribe the goblins with a few silvers to be moved to the "express lane" - a side entrance opening to the outside city.

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First impressions can be so important - and having to deal with the harassment of goblin officials will likely color the outlook of the party has on the city.


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