Nimdenthal Protectorate
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Originally, the many independent farms in the area now encompassing the Nimdenthal Protectorate followed the same path as their counterparts near the other Flannish Cities - they were bought up one by one by agricultural companies which turned them into large plantations that were able to produce the same food cheaper thanks to industrial-scale use of ritual plant magic, alchemical additives, and agricultural golems, and thus gradually ruined the remaining independent farms as these were unable to compete with their prices. However, with the deterioration of law and order in both Nimdenthal itself and the surrounding countryside in the last few decades most of these companies themselves went bankrupt as they were no longer able to protect their property against bandits, saboteurs, and other vandals.

In what the descendants of the original farmers would no doubt consider cosmic justice, the lands of these plantations was in turn bought up cheap by a variety of independent and well-armed communes. Many of these are religious or ideological in nature - most notably the halfling communities of the Spring Seeds movement - and all of them have a reputation for being strange in the eyes of the city-dwellers. Nevertheless, these represent small pockets of order and something approaching civilization in a vast swath of territory that is slowly reverting to anarchy.

In the middle of the spit are a number of centaur clans which dwell here. Some of them trade between the communities and try to keep the peace and the roads open as well as they can, while others are bandits and ravagers of the worst kind. Among the latter a tradition of dying their hair and manes has developed, with specific color patterns defining different groups of bandits. Each of these group also tends to have impressive-sounding names, like "Thunder Hooves", "Night Mares" (an all-female group), "Dusk Racers", and so forth.

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Feel free to get your ideas for centaur bandit groups from street gangs - which were my original inspiration for them, after all.


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