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Population: 688,617

Many religions have odd notions about the afterlife, but the state religion of Nimur has surely one of the strangest. It holds that the afterlife for the city's inhabitants is actually located in the physical universe - and right below the city at that. At their funerals, the dead are dressed in their finest clothes and jewelry (if they were able to afford any), and then the priests - the secretive "Keepers of the Threshold", who are always shrouded in robes that cover their entire bodies - take them away to their new homes below the city, where they live on forever after (or so it is believed by the people). However, their new homes in the city of the dead cost money, and a fee must be paid to the Keepers - the higher the payment, the more luxurious their new homes and the higher their station in the afterlife.

Since nobody other than the Keepers is allowed to visit the City of the Dead, most outsiders suspect that this is nothing more than an extremely cynical and profitable scam to make the people of Nimur work hard for their lives for non-existent pleasures of the afterlife, and then steal all their money once they die. Most citizens firmly believe in their priests, however, and speak of dead relatives who come to visit them from time to time.

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