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Population: 337,030

This community, which mostly supports itself through its thriving timber businesses, looks normal and even pleasant enough during the day, for its streets are well maintained and its houses beautifully decorated, though a certain rough-and-tumble frontier atmosphere remains apparent.

But during the night, a strange procession of ghosts and animated skeletons - not all of them even humanoid - appears on one end of the Main Street and slowly moves through the city, only to disappear at the other end one hour later. The locals, who refer to this "Night Parade" only in hushed whispers, have learned to live with this phenomena and manage to ignore the ghostly lights and the cackling bones (although only the cheapest of apartments will be found on the Main Steet - something that often turns into an unpleasant surprise for newcomers). But all doors will be closed at midnight and no one will be let into a house after this time, no matter how he begs.

Needless to say, the city's night life is rather subdued.

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