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The Nordwacht-Tempel is the main temple of Bucatar in Nimdenthal, and as the city has always been close to the untamed wilds of the Norfjell Wastes, the temple is one of its most important religious centers despite its out-of-the-way location in Wildau. It also attracts a fair number of tourists who come to see its trophy hall containing large numbers of racks with the mounted and stuffed heads of dangerous animals and monsters, complete with educational plaques explaining where the monster was slain and what kind of behavior the type of creature generally displays, as well as what threat it represents to people. A wing of the temple complex also houses the Nimdenthal Jäger, an organization of rangers and border guards patrolling the northern wilds. Officially, they are paid by the City of Nimdenthal, but with the finances of the city being what they are they often are not paid for months, and thus increasingly rely on support by the temple itself. Some rangers are now getting extra income by acting as guides for rich patricians who wish to observe or hunt dangerous animals, while others have turned to smuggling.

Politically, the temple priesthood has preferred to stay out of the politics of the city, but more and more of the priests of the lesser temples and shrines within the other districts of the city are clamoring for greater activities in fighting the growing darkness within the city limits.

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