Norfjell Wastes
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"From these lands, the hordes of Negroth swarmed out and overran our cities. And though these days are long gone, a shroud of gloom and doom still seems to hang over these lands. Not at all times. At the height of summer, when the sun rarely goes below the horizon, the lands can be beautiful and full of colors, even though it never quite looses its otherworldly shine.
But in the winter, when the storms come howling in from the sea, the darkness is as present as the sunlight was in the summer. And when the snow stops falling and the clouds vanish, strange, mocking lights flitter across the sky and make the observer doubt that he is still on this world.
Everything in the Norfjell Wastes conspires to make a man feel small…"
- Edmund Durnsten in: The Known Lands: Norfjell Wastes, Avane Street Publishing (1418)

Population: 1,403,810 (humans 46%, orcs 31%, goblins 10%, dwarves 4%, elves 4%, 1% giants)
Government: Tribal

These wild northern lands are home to a number of human and orcish barbarian tribes that usually migrate with their herd animals. Few permanent settlements exist, and those that do hardly qualify as cities by southern standards. Those settlements that do exist are either small fishing villages built on the western coast or small islands off the coast, or logging encampments along the rivers flowing into the Great Lake.



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The Urbis equivalent of Scandinavia, with a good dose of Angmar thrown in.


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