Norman Weston Ash
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Norman Weston Ash is the Professor of Wirland Folklore at Dartmouth University. While he has reached an age where it becomes possible to retire, he clings to his position with a tenacity all too common among his peers. In his younger days he was quite popular thanks to his many public lectures on old myths and legends of the regions surrounding Dartmouth and Hollowhill, but in his later years he became obsessed with uncovering the truth behind many of the darker legends of the area. Nowadays he spends much of his time ranting about dark cults, cannibalism, miscegenation between humans and monsters and worse to anyone willing to listen, and he is convinced that many things relegated to legend and folklore are still practiced today. Despite his increasingly frail health he still insists on going on field trips occasionally, and he will recruit any students or adventurers willing to put up with him. Somehow, he survived them all - unlike some of those who accompanied him.

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Basically, Norman Ash is a professor right out of Call of Cthulhu, with all that implies.


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