North Reservoir
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The massive underground cisterns which give the North Reservoir district its name hold most of the water supplies of Praxus and are correspondingly well guarded. Golem-powered pumps send the water through the vast network of pipelines and keep the city from going thirsty in even the hottest of summers. The whole system is almost preternaturally clean compared by the standards of other cities, a fact which always impresses the tourists on the frequent tours of the underground. Few vermin manage to escape the zealous patrols of the maintenance crews. However, a few criminals and sapient creatures have managed to establish hideouts here by either avoiding the patrols or colluding with the more corrupt of them. As they have no interest in being discovered, they avoid strangers if at all possible.

Above the ground the district is even more impressive, as its massive foundations made the construction of equally massive buildings possible. Today, the high-rises of North Reservoir comprise the main financial district of Praxus, housing numerous trading concerns, financial institutions, and others of the cream of Praxan businesses. Between the buildings small parks have been built atop the cisterns which often resemble ziggurats rising high above the streets to give the cisterns a higher volume.

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