Northern Garden Province
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Outsiders often consider it odd that the northermorst province of the Tsan Empire is also one of its most fertile - but the name of the Northern Garden Province is fully justified. Its oddities begin with its overall layout - its geography is obviously artificial, a sqare shape carved into the northern mountains with only the southeast opening to the sea. Many western scholars identify it with the mythical Garden of Kortus where the deity attained divinity - which indeed would explain a lot.

At the very center of the province lies a vast mountain, from which innumerable hot springs merge into vast waterfalls, culminating into enormous rivers flowing into each of the cardinal directions - containing far more water than the mountain alone could possibly hold according to modern understanding of hydrology. While flowing down the mountain, the water also has healing properties and glows in a deep blue color, making the mountain visible from afar even in the darkest nights - although both effects lessen the further the water gets away from the mountain. On the higher slopes of the mountains ancient orders of monks tend to the Peaches of Immortality, which stave off aging for a time. They are fiercely defended, and only the Emperor receives a small number of them as tribute, which he consumes himself or distributes to his most favored courtiers. But the monks hide a deeper secret still - they also tend to the Tree of Knowledge, whose fruits, when eaten, trigger such earth-shattering revelations that only the most enlightened monks can consume them without turning mad.

The warm waters of the river continue to flow outward into the cardinal directions, with numerous irrigation channels branching off to water the local rice fields. Finally, they flow into the outer rivers - which form a square bounded by the mountains and drain to the sea in the southwest, where a large port city ships the region's bounties to the rest of the Tsan Empire. Only the nothwestern corner of this square regularly freezes over in the winter.

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This was inspired by a less-than-literal reading of the "Garden of Eden" in the Bible.


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