Nugrin Gap
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A gorge deep in the Varcomo Mountains which connects to a vast cave system. This gap has been the center of the Cult of Cryelis since the time of the Atalan Empire, and thus connects to a vast Underworld fragment despite being away from major population centers. Cultists frequently make pilgrimages to this locale, and the ghosts living in the Gap are ancient and powerful. While there have been a few attempts at eradicating the ghosts, none of them have been successful.

Now certain factions on the Alliance Council have agreed to work with the Cult in exchange for help with the war effort—the Cult will use its resources (especially its ghosts) to disrupt League activities in their home territory, and exchange they will get a large number of prisoners of war for their human sacrifices. Of course, if Lord Amrast were to hear of this deal, he would do all he could to stop it—but so far, the conspirators have managed to retain their secrecy.

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All wars produce some very odd alliances. This will likely be one of the more problematic.


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