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It is widely known that the people of Thenares widely see magic as a crutch best to be avoided, and thus the theocracy lags behind in magical research when compared to other regions.

However, it would be a mistake to assume that Thenares frowns on all research - quite the contrary, as applying the gift of the human mind is considered a righteous activity as long as it is applied into the proper directions. And while this stance is not universal, many Thenaran theologians believe that the study of numbers - mathematics - is especially holy, since they represent abstract concepts unsullied by the base matter of the world.

As a result, many of the greatest advances in mathematics in the last few centuries have come from Thenares, and many of those have come from the priestly order of the Numerati. They are a celibate order, as they are supposed to concentrate on matters of faith and their research, but they are not cloistered, as they are also supposed to use their knowledge to help the members of the faith in the wider world.

In the past, they have used their knowledge of applied statistics to optimize the harvest yields of the Thenaran fields and orchards, often compensating for the lack of magical blessings. In recent years, many members of the order have turned their attention to the field of economics, advising fellow members of the faith how best to invest their income - which not only makes the followers of Thenares richer and thus more popular, but also increases donations of the order.

But Numerati can be found everywhere where problems and challenges can be reduced to sets of numbers, which covers a surprisingly large range of activities. Architecture, music, weather phenomena, and even the movement of planetary bodies - Numerati are involved in researching all of those, and thus can turn up in the oddest places.

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I envision the Numerati as similar to the Jesuits - but with an even greater emphasis on math. From their description, they might seem silly, but it would be more appropriate to portray them as brilliant masterminds.


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