Nuovo Alassia
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Population: 56,891

The end point for the Grand Road project, Nuovo Alassia has grown rapidly in the few years of its existence. After the railhead to Tsiaro was completed, work started on building the continent-spanning underground railway from this end, and though the railroad cannot advance as fast from this end because of the sheer logistical challenge involved in transporting the necessary equipment here, the tracks nevertheless progress well, and it is predicted that the two tracks will eventually meet somewhere under the Gawaris Desert.

Thanks to the sheer amount of money involved in the project, many people from all over the region have come to this town - most in search of a job, but others merely seeking to scam foreigners out of their gold. And some, from tribes that did not profit from the profit, are seeking to sabotage everything others have worked so hard to build.

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