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Oberfeld is a suburb of Bodenwald which is currently rapidly expanding due to a number of new tram and rail lines connecting the district to the inner city. However, as new land is cleared for new residential areas, more and more of its past is unearthed. Goblin mounds have proliferated in the area since ancient times, and from time to time goblins hide in them still, requiring a lengthy process of clearing the tunnels which frequently still manages to miss some hideouts until after the new houses have been built. A number of Atalan settlements were also in the area, leading to frequent discoveries of new buried ruins. Finally, there are annual hauntings in the old town center during the Festival of Lights because of a massacre committed by soldiers from Svardholm centuries ago.

A more modern concern are the many rows of drab workers' apartment houses which have sprung up in the eastern parts of the district, which have become a hotbed of Secondaries activity.

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