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Oberweiler used to be outlying farmland until it was incorporated into the city of Grüngarten very recently. It is still mainly farmland, but now the fields are subdivided into much smaller lots and are used by agricultural companies and the University of Grüngarten to try out new, experimental agricultural techniques. The supervisors of these efforts tend to live in other parts of the city, and thus the majority of the inhabitants of this district are the legions of agricultural workers maintaining the fields, as well as the guards hired to prevent espionage from competitors. They tend to live in newly built apartment complexes which are well-maintained and pleasant enough to look at, but are as small as other working-class apartments elsewhere. The scenery is dominated by greenhouses and fences surrounding the various fields (often with hedges or screens to prevent anyone from looking in). There is little entertainment to be had in this district, and despite the greenery it somehow feels sterile, a place where people work instead of enjoying themselves.

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