Officer Reconstruction Project
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Transferring the soul of a human into a golem body has been a long-standing goal of many who would wish to cheat death, but unfortunately such souls tend to go insane even faster than those transplanted into their own corpses (as it is the case with liches). Nevertheless, there are those who are determined to try again, and certain members of the government of Hogenrood - who are, as it happens, also members of the Athanatos Club - are among them.

They managed to get their funding for this rather expensive research by suggesting that a army of sapient golem warriors would be all but invincible, as they would not share the traditional golem weaknesses (lack of imagination as well as a vulnerable human controller nearby), though the real reason is, of course, their own immortality. Early experiments were conducted on condemned criminals, which tended to become spectacularly violent in short order (with a few even managing to escape and remaining in hiding). However, the researchers learned much, and decided that using more stable base personalities would be useful for the next phase of the project. Thus, the project was renamed the Officer Reconstruction Project and went public. It now allowed members of the City Guard to volunteer for the procedure should they die in the line of duty in exchange for an increased wage and a fast track to promotions. This offer was highly controversial, to say the least, and the majority of the guardsmen rejected it (it didn't help that rumors sprang up that officers volunteering for this project had an increased chance of suffering "accidents" arranged by the project leaders…). However, enough found the boost to their meager wages attractive (which ordinarily were barely enough to feed a family) to sign up. And recently, the project has found its first test subject, and the new golem was released back to the guard to patrol the streets. Time will tell how stable it will remain…

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Yes, this is blatantly stolen from RoboCop. No, I am not ashamed at all.


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