Old Road
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Protected by ancient pacts, the Old Road is the only road that passes through the entire length of the Forest of Avareen. By tradition, anyone who travels on this road is safe from the inhabitants of the forest, but anyone who moves more than a dozen steps away from it is considered fair game. The elves and fey often resort to trickery to lure travelers into the forest. Illusions of beautiful elf maidens are a favorite.

In recent decades, as travel routs in the rest of the world have become safer and more established, fewer outsiders have traveled the Old Road. Since the elves are unhappy about one of their entertainments being taken away from them, they now debate how to bring more travelers back to this route. Some have have started to suggest in human cities that only the bravest dare travel the Old Road, thus starting a fad among rich young humans willing to go there on a dare.

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This was inspired by the Old Roads of The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper - in that story, there were ancient roads criss-crossing the land which protected those who traveled upon them from evil.


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